Inen is formed by a world-class team of digital experts to help elevate the tech scene in Thailand.  

Over the past decade, our founding members have worked with governments, fortune 500 companies and leading startups around the globe to design and scale innovative solutions that futureproofed their organisations.

We believe world’s next digital tech hub is in South East Asia. We believe Thailand is well positioned to become the centre of this future because of it’s hot digital expat desitionation. 

To realise this, we are investing in 3 initiatives to help build the bridge between Thailand and the rest of the world.

A new platform to showcase the best design talent from Thailand and build the bridge between the them and the tech scene.

A new career platform where progressive teams list their tech jobs and meet our curated talent to create the world's next-gen solutions.

A world-class startup studio/accelerator focused on reinventing enterprises from within by complexities in Thailand's largest organisations into opportunities.


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