is a design forward venture studio. We partner with enterprises to launch new innovative joint ventures.

Radically transparent video conferencing and scheduling platform for enterprises to turn presentations into conversations.

Thailand's blockchain powered covid passport turned into digital passport.

Preparing Thailand for the post-covid tourist flood.

A realistic approach to invent, launch and scale independent startups for enterprises to ensure their business longevity.


The first 3 months are dedicated to exploring ideas in all verticals, market & technologies. Promising concept are then tested for market fit, approved and fleshed out to a v1 state. Then the v1 is pitched to leading VCs to understand its full potential and get an early estimate of its valuation.

For the best product idea we assemble its own product team and in the next 6 months we iterate and improve by slowly onboarding a few customers. Following a lean approach, by the end of this period the product team including an experienced CEO will take care of the product.

The last 3 months are a marketing fast track bringing as much awareness to the new venture by using the enterprise’s existing channels. By the end we have an independent team leading the product development and marketing in close collaboration with its partners.

Our endavour is lead by

Farzad Ban


Ricardo Brueschke.

We partnered with

Arlene McCoy and

Cody Fisher as our advisors.

Inen is a design-forward venture arm of 3drops, a world-class design agency based in Sweden. We exist to help enterprises reinvent themselves from within through innovative digital solutions.

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